Leela Kovalam | Trivandrum, Kerala
22-24, February 2017


Welcome Ceremony

A traditional Kerala welcome with music and fanfare. This welcome is modeled along the festival season in Kerala. The traditional welcome in Kerala is all about lamps, flowers and music. The welcome art form, Panchavadhyam is a temple art form that evolved in Kerala. It is considered as the traditional orchestra of Kerala. Typically played for temple festivals, Panchavadhyam is also used to welcome guest for important occasions, weddings etc. Panchavadyam is characterized by a pyramid-like rhythmic structure with a constantly increasing tempo coupled with a proportional decrease in the number of beats in cycles. 


Inauguration & Welcome Address

"Inaugurating the ceremony with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp. Traditionally, events in India are started with lighting the ceremonial lamp - this amounts to awakening ones soul within oneself. This will be followed by a brief welcome address and details of the next few days. During the welcome address you will be treated to a quick perspective of our theme as well as our objective for the event"


Plenary Session: Opportunities amidst Disruption

Ram Charan, a renowned global business advisor, will talk about the current situation and the best ways to take an organization forward in the era of uncertainties amongst disruption. The plenary session is one of the most important sessions of the event. You will gain a exclusive perspective into one of the sharpest minds in business. You will also get the opportunity to ask questions of him and align your thoughts with the industry.

Speaker: Ram Charan



A short break before we see you at the Goan-themed cocktail dinner at the beach. We recommend you choose a comfortable pair of footwear for the beach party


Goan-themed Cocktail Dinner at Tides, The Leela

You will get to see one of the most colorful sights in God's own country, the sunset from one of the best seats in the house. This is accompanied by a Goan themed dinner with popular goan food live music and some fire dances and cocktail


Keynote session: Disrupting Businesses Globally 

The fourth industrial revolution has seen huge number of disruptive trends across industries globally- with digitalization being one of the key enablers for most of these disruptions. This keynote session will bring to fore insights on how businesses across industries are disrupting in their ecosystem and staying ahead of competition. The session will also cover on what works as the right business strategies for these disrupters thereby revealing their true key to success

Speaker: Mohandas Pai


SunTec – The Way Forward

The session is led by our CEO and he would discuss his visions of the industry and how SunTec plans to react to the same. He will be talking about the 4th revolution and how digital has enabled organizations. He would also be taking the audience through the way organizations have evolved, along with technology, customers and industry in general. NK would attempt to paint a picture of an ideal organization of the future. From that perspective, he will be calling on stage several clients who are well on their way to becoming such organizations.    Speakers: Nanda Kumar,Chris Frazier, Michael Konstas, Sandeep Chauhan  


Tea Break


Panel Discussion: Enable yourself to be completely digitalized

A panel consisting of people from various domains as well as analysts to discuss the best ways to become digital for any organization. The panelists have been chosen for their expertise in different industries and functions. They will bring their own perspectives aout how their organizations attempted going digital as well as best practices to follow and possible pitfalls.

Moderator: Tanya Andreasyan Panelists: Sachin Seth,Michael Konstas,Madhur Jain,GPJ Gupta


Blockchain Revolution

Kishen is an expert in the blockchain domain and an industry expert. He will be taking the audience through implications on the industry of adopting a technology like blockchain. His personal experience with several banks who have implemented or are thinking of implementing such technology gives him a clear and focused perspective on how blockchain can contribute to digitalization.

Speaker: Kishen Kumar


Lunch Break


The xelerate story

In this session Sathish will showcase our product philosophy and take us through a brief description of the new and enhanced features of Xelerate. He will also talk about our product vision and roadmap and discuss with the audience on their thoughts and opinions from a feature and functionality perspective.    Speakers: Sathish N  


Tea Break


Digital Transformation Requires Customer Obsession

Digital experiences are the new normal for customers across the globe, empowered by widespread - and in some cases now universal - access to mobile technology. They're no longer satisfied with poorly coordinated online and offline experiences. To win and retain these entitled customers, your firm must transform, and your leadership team must embrace an operating model for customer obsession. During this session, Forrester will give a strategic overview of the impact that the age of the customer will have on financial services institutions, establish the fundamentals of an operating model for customer obsession, and clarify the specific areas that you need to focus on to transform your organization into one that can consistently deliver experiences that exceed customer expectations and deliver business results.

Speaker: Fred Giron


Digitalization in cash management

Cash management forms the crux of all financial transactions and the industry is seeing a huge number of innovations in this space both from banking and non-banking organizations. Sunil, through his session will share his insights on how digitalization has transformed cash management in banks, and the various innovations in this space that which is helping usher in the fourth revolution for the corporate banks.

Speaker: Sunil Mehta


Preparing for the Plunge

Any organization while embarking on a digitalization journey, is bound to encounter glitches. Through this session, Sandeep will share insights on his experiences about starting a digitalization project and the risks and pitfalls associated with it. He will take the audience through what an ideal organization should do to mitigate these risks and some interesting examples of successes here across industries. 

Speaker: Sandeep Chouhan


Gala Dinner

A grand spread with live music and entertainment to end the day


Five steps to becoming Truly Digital

Digital is no longer a set of projects, nor is it a group entrusted with incubating ideas separate and apart from the business. Digital, rather, must become a mindset of everyone in the company. Dan Latimore, leader of analyst firm Celent’s banking practice, discusses five concrete steps that firms can take to realize the full potential and business value of the digital enterprise. 

Speaker: Daniel Latimore


Enabling the customer through digitalization

Customer today is difficult to please and customer experience is no longer about just managing relationships. With the emerging new trends around digitalization, organizations across industries have to be on their toes to keep pace and continuously transform to keep their customers happy. Abhay, who is Head of Digital - Consumer banks, has witnessed this transformation closely, through his experiences both in the banking and telecom space. Through this session you will get to hear from him on how banks have been progressing with the digitalization trends to enable the new-age customer. 

Speaker: Abhay Johorey


Alternate Viewing: Digitalization in Cable

Chris is a veteran at Comcast and he will speak about how in the cable industry, alternate viewing devices and channels are becoming the measure of digitalization. His session will also try to answer the question as to what should be the ideal yardstick to measure by and how from a system perspective this can be enabled.

Speaker: Chris Frazier


Tea Break


Digitalization beyond millenials

Often when we speak of digitalization, we focus solely on the young tech-savvy generation. However, a large part of the banking customers belong to the older generations who are not very well-versed with newer technology. Digitalization can enable these people to better access banking products and services as well. Lucian will be talking about his experiences in the industry on how this was implemented and what the results were.

Speaker: Lucian Matu


Panel Discussion: Convergence to enable digitalization - or the other way around?

"Covergence between financial services and other industries, in order to provide the best end-to-end experience to end consumer, is accelerating. Conventional value chains are becoming obsolete and new ecosystems are coming to the fore. The end consumer is witness and is getting to experience innovative products and services in the wake of convergence. The panel will discuss the relevance of convergence to true digitalization. Can one thrive without the other?"

Moderator: Amit Dua Panelists: Sibusiso Ngwenya,Chetan Parekh,Abhay Johorey,Ganeshan Ramakrishnan


Closing Note followed by "The Royal Kerala Sadhya"

We close with a short note on the past couple of days - what we discussed and the opinions we heard. We will aslo be talking about some of the sessions we attended. This will be followed by a royal feast from God's Own Country!

Closing Note: Amit Dua


SunTec Facility Visit & Meeting with SunTec Team

A visit to the SunTec offices where audiences will meet the different functions and find out more about the internal processes that allows us to become truly innovative. Clients will also meet their support and implementation teams that work off-shore and enrich that relationship further. This is an opportunity to meet the faces behind the names you have communicating with



A light comfortable lazy dinner at the Leela

Wednesday, 22nd


Spa at The Leela, Kovalam

Check in to Favourite Spa, The Leela, for a refreshing foot reflexology session. Say goodbye to jet lag!


Inaugural Ceremony

Arrive at conference hall for the inaugural ceremony; join delegates


Goan- themed Cocktail Dinner at Tides,The Leela

You will get to see one of the most colorful sights in God's own country, the sunset from one of the best seats in the house. This is accompanied by a Goan themed dinner with popular goan food live music and some fire dances and cocktail  

Thursday, 23rd


Break free from monotony - Discover Kollam

Your travel guide for the day will greet you at the hotel reception. A day trip to Kollam to experience the backwaters, the birds, the golden beach and a traditional houseboat ride



Lunch on the houseboat

Enjoy some live catch and a cultural performance on-board


Return to hotel

Relax before you get ready for a colourful evening dinner


Gala Dinner

A grand spread with live music and entertainment to end the day

Friday, 24th


Shopping at Karalkada and SMSM Institute

Indulge in some shopping at Karalkada for traditional Kerala sarees and mundu,

Collect some traditional handicrafts from SMSM institute


The Royal Kerala Sadhya at Pandhal, The Leela

Join delegates at the Pandhal area for a royal feast from God's Own Country!


Responsible Tourism Village, Kovalam

Arrive at hotel reception.

Visit Responsible Tourism Village, Kovalam to experience village life and interact with some locals


Return to hotel



Dinner at The Leela

Saturday, 25th


Spa at The Leela

Unwind with a traditional ayurvedic spa at Favourite Spa, The Leela


Lunch at The Leela