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Digitally Open: Collaborate. Experience. Value

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Why attend SunTec’s Confluence 2018?

SunTec Confluence is a platform for our global clients, prospects, partners and analysts to network and interact with peers and thought leaders from across industries.
Organizations are coming together and adapting in the digital world in an attempt to derive value for the customer. Customers will be at the center of the entire value chain in the digitally open era. In this era, customer experience and business models are changing and evolving at a head-spinning pace.
Confluence 2018 will focus on “Digitally Open”, one of the most important strategies for organizations as they move forward in the digital journey. As organizations grow closer to their customers, it is important that they decide on their business models, core competencies and ecosystems they operate in.

Digitally Open

The only way forward for organizations is to collaborate with other players in the ecosystem. Open ecosystem is something which enables this. However, the true power of open ecosystems is enabled only in a digital environment. Collaboration in the open ecosystem leads to better experience for all stakeholders as well as allows them to derive value.
Keeping in line with the theme, we will focus on three tracks this year: Collaborate. Experience. Value
Collaboration has become the mantra in today’s world if organizations want to continue to offer their customers with innovative and context-specific products. Digital revolution is further enabling collaboration allowing organisations to form and derive value from partner ecosystems with a bearing across the entire value chain.  
Experience for an organisation’s stakeholders has become an important consideration and this includes customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders. To ensure the best experience from your organisation, collaboration is one of the key ingredients. But it all finally leads to enhancing the value of the whole ecosystem.
Organizations are starting to break free from pursuing direct revenue opportunities and are instead looking at how to create and deliver Value to their customers in response to their changing needs. Organizations can take advantage of the digital revolution and become value aggregators in terms of opening up revenue channels through increased customer share from existing customers and their partner network.

SunTec Confluence Schedule

16:00 - 16:3000:30

Welcome Ceremony

Traditional Welcome (TBD)
16:30 - 16:4500:15


Inaugurating the ceremony with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp.
16:45 - 16:5000:05

Welcome Address

Setting context for theme this year Confluence – Digitally Open. Talk about where the market is headed and what we mean by Collaborate. Experience. Value. Once the context has been set, provide an overview and create some excitement on what’s in store for them in the coming 2 days
16:50 - 16:5500:05

Curtain Raiser

Curtain Raiser – A futuristic video talking about our theme
17:00 - 17:4500:45

Plenary Session: Digitally Open – Collaborate, Experience, Value

A renowned global industry leader will talk about where the industry is headed and the best strategies to take an organisation forward in the era of digital openness.
17:45 - 18:1500:30

Tea/Coffee break

18:15 - 18:4500:30

SunTec-The Way Forward

A session on SunTec's vision and strategy in the digitally open world, where organisations across industries are coming together to collaborate to improve experience and deliver value
19:00 onwards

Cocktail Dinner

Track 1 – Theme – Collaborate

08:30 - 08:4500:15


Going through the day’s schedule
08:45 - 09:1500:30

Keynote address: Collaboration drives digital innovation

Enterprises both within and across industries are getting together to leverage each other’s strengths and complement each to deliver and drive more innovative and meaningful solutions to customers in the digital world. The keynote speaker, an eminent face in the industry, will share insights on how Collaborative ecosystems are proving to be the key enablers of digital transformation and innovation. The session will also cover the right strategies that enterprises should employ to make the most of collaborative ecosystems to drive innovation.
09:15 - 10:0000:45

Panel discussion: Customer Owner Or Service Provider – different roles in an ecosystem

Collaborative ecosystems bring together players/solution providers from across different points in the customer value chain, from different industries, on a common platform that helps maximise innovation and value. Enterprises could choose to either become customer owners or service providers in the new paradigm. Enterprises that choose to become customer owners will need to place themselves on top of the value aggregation chain and create their own partner ecosystem. Whereas, the enterprises that choose to become service providers would ideally assess various ecosystems and choose the right ones to become part of, to ensure their growth path. The panel will discuss and debate on the advantages and challenges in both the business models and on strategies that would work best to identify the right business model and to be successful in them
10:00 - 10:3000:30

Tea/Coffee break

10:30 - 11:0000:30

Ensuring customer trust without compromising convenience

Digitally open trends and regulations like PSD2 have mandated enterprises to make customer data accessible to third party and partner organisations. Enterprises like banks are bound to lose their monopoly of control over customer interactions; and to counter this will either create their own or enroll themselves in more number of collaborative ecosystems thriving on coopetition. But this could also lead to cybercrimes with the rise of fraudulent registrations using fake and synthetic identities in turn affecting customer trust. The session will cover strategies to ensure customer trust without compromising on the convenience and experience that coopetition brings in.
11:00 - 11:4500:45

In Conversation: Collaborative ecosystems – What’s the recommended transformation journey?

Collaborative ecosystems are being touted as the most important driver for digital transformation, but are sure to involve a sizeable amount of investments by enterprises who are moving towards collaboration. Quite a few of them are dealing with lack of clarity on the RoI that these ecosystems will deliver, and the right strategy to achieve the transformation. The session will be an informal disccussion, to discuss the benefits and costs of the new shift and their points of view on the right approach to take for organisations at different stages in their digital transformation roadmaps.
11:45 - 12:0000:15

Entertainment – Filler 1

12:00 - 12:3000:30

SunTec Product Showcase

Showcase of SunTec's product capabilities and product vision in the digitally open - collaboration space.
12:30 - 13:4501:15

Lunch break

Track 2 – Theme – Experience

13:45 - 14:0000:15


Going through the track schedule
14:00 - 14:3000:30

Keynote Address: The changing definition of customer experience

The digital world today has seen a huge shift in the experiential expectations of customers. The keynote session will bring to fore insights on how delivering the best customer experience is no more about just creating a wow factor with spectacular products. Instead it is about owning the customer experiences beyond your boundaries, and to achieve this continuously evolving your business models in the digitally open world to provide customer convenience.
14:30 - 15:0000:30

Speaker session: Disruptive Technologies and their impact on customer experience

Digital technologies form the crux of customer experience across industries. While analytics is a given, there are many more in the list (AI, blockchain, IoT, Open platforms, Robotic Process Automation, APIs). The session will talk about the key disruptive technologies that can have a major impact on customer experience. It will also cover the Right Strategies to identify and leverage the Right Technologies in the Right Manner that can work for your enterprise to attain sustainable growth and leadership through innovation.
15:00 - 15:3000:30

Tea/Coffee break

15:30 - 16:1500:45

Panel discussion: Digital-only banks Vs Hybrid banks

Digital transformation has changed the way banking services are being delivered to customers. The industry has witnessed banks with new business models cropping up and doing very well in terms of customer experience. Though there is one more school of thought that the customer journey in banking can never be 'digital only', and will still require multiple touchpoints including branch networks, alternately called as hybrid banks or click-and-mortar banks. The panel will discuss and debate on the pros and cons of both business models in delivering the best customer experience. The panel will also cover the best strategies that work for digital transformation.
16:15 - 16:4500:30

SunTec Product Showcase

Showcase of SunTec's product capabilities and product vision in the digitally open - Experience space.
18: 30 onwards

Track 3 – Theme – Value

09:00 - 09:1500:15


Going through the track schedule
09:15 - 09:4500:30

Keynote address: Moving beyond tangible value

The digital ecosystems open up a huge gamut of big data which if deciphered and utiilised in a smart manner could bring about revolutions in growth of businesses. Enterprises this far have been focusing on delivering tangible value targets in the form of revenue, profits, and customer satisfaction scores. The session would focus on the necessity to move beyond tangible value and start delivering intangible value targets
09:45 - 10:0000:15

Entertainment – Filler 2

10:45 - 11:1500:30

Tea/Coffee break

11:15 - 11:4500:30

Enterprise Value Chain Management – The next level

A session about the future of EVCM and how it has been incorporated into SunTec's roadmap, and how SunTec is preparing for it.
11:45 - 12:0000:15

Closing Ceremony & Thank You Note


SunTec Facility Visit & Meeting with SunTec Team

A visit to the SunTec offices where audiences will meet the different functions and find out more about the internal processes that allows us to become truly innovative. Clients will also meet their support and implementation teams that work off-shore and enrich that relationship further.

March 12th , 2018


Spa at The Leela, Kovalam

Check in to Favourite Spa, The Leela, for a refreshing foot reflexology session. Say goodbye to jet lag!

Inaugural Ceremony

Arrive at conference hall for the inaugural ceremony; join delegates

Neon party!

You will get to see one of the most colorful sights in God's own country, the sunset from one of the best seats in the house. Join us for a Neon party accompanied with a ‘Glow in the Dark’ neon performance, live music and cocktail

March 13th, 2018


Break free from monotony – Discover Poovar

Your travel guide for the day will greet you at the hotel reception. A day trip to Poovar to experience the backwaters, the birds, the golden beach and a traditional houseboat ride


Lunch on the houseboat Enjoy some live catch and a cultural performance on-board

Return to hotel

Relax before you get ready for a colourful evening dinner

Gala Dinner

A grand spread with live music and entertainment to end the day

March 14th, 2018


Shopping at Karalkada and SMSM Institute

Indulge in some shopping at Karalkada for traditional Kerala sarees and mundu, Collect some traditional handicrafts from SMSM institute

The Royal Kerala Sadhya at Pandhal, The Leela

Join delegates at the Pandhal area for a royal feast from God's Own Country!

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